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Arteriovenous fistula

I must have been about 20, sitting at a table at uni having dinner. Deep in conversation, I couldn’t help noticing that the guy sitting at right angles to me was getting increasingly distracted. His eye contact faltered as he … Continue reading

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That painful difference

Twins and disability Yesterday’s Mirror told the story of twins Ava and Louie, born nine weeks premature, who both have cerebral palsy. Ava had surgery which now allows her to walk, and their mum talks of how heart-breaking it is … Continue reading

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Remembering pioneering Dr Pamela Davies and her work with premature babies

A personal tribute Some people never become superstars in their field yet make a massive impact. A good example is Dr Pamela Davies, who despite not being a household name, deserves recognition for her pioneering contributions to child health. In … Continue reading

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Time to share our story

My disabled twin sister died in a fire Putting this into the public domain isn’t easy. It concerns a traumatic event of half a lifetime ago, and a close connection ruptured. It’s not something I’ve talked about with many people. … Continue reading

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