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Last night’s ‘Corrie’

Many people who go through traumatic experience spend years afterwards avoiding reminders of it. After Jenny’s death, I wouldn’t for example want to watch a screen adaptation of Great Expectations, as I’d be anticipating Miss Havisham’s clothes going up in … Continue reading

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TFI Saturday!

It’s been a difficult year in general – a surfeit of celebrity deaths, that shock Brexit result, the departure of a Prime Minister. But for me, 2016 was largely going to be about one fact – the 20th anniversary of … Continue reading

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No longer waiting for a miracle

In February I posted a blog which stemmed from a news story on a 16-year-old’s brush with the benefits system. Edward Bright, who lost his limbs in early childhood due to meningitis, received a letter insisting he is reassessed regarding … Continue reading

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