15 September 1996

Strange, what with the impending 20th anniversary on 15 October, I remember something similar from 15 September 1996 which I’ve not thought about in years. A car crash at Puddletown near Dorchester in the early hours that day killed four young men. All were in their late teens. A colleague at work knew one of them and was very upset. Strange how random memories are triggered.

About Ed Green

Writer and editor, Yorkshire bred, now living and working in Central London. This blog charts the writing of my memoir 'Twinned' - life with and without my disabled sister. It features disability issues, cerebral palsy, traumatic death, bereavement, twinless twins, guest posts, and throws in the occasional 'off topic' post.
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1 Response to 15 September 1996

  1. Alaina says:

    Strangely I remember this crash too, a childhood friend of mine’s older brother was friends with the 4, he was supposed to be in the car but last minute did not go. I remember this well but I was only 5 or 6 at the time. I have never found anything about it in the news online, as I suppose it is so long ago now…


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