August Bank Holiday 1996

Looking back at my diary for August 1996, it’s not the best written-up of months, although I’ve stuck to it more rigorously that I have to this blog at times. The August bank holiday that year was Monday 26th. I was staying at Jenny’s but we spent the day doing our own stuff. I headed out to Todmorden and Hebden Bridge – the outer reaches of West Yorkshire; she spent the day with her friends. I’d come back and worked on her front garden – the bungalow itself was ideal for a wheelchair user, but the large front garden with its dozen or so rose bushes, lawn and uncontrollable marestail weed outbreak was a bit much. Pruning, mowing, weeding behind me, I was satisfied we wouldn’t have to worry about it again until spring 1997.

One thing we did do together that Bank Holiday was watching, of all things, a TV documentary on the Carpenters. I don’t think we’d ever watched TV together since our childhood. The content now long forgotten, I vividly remember Jen’s verdict – turning to me afterwards, she said ‘What a waste.’

About Ed Green

Writer and editor, Yorkshire bred, now living and working in Central London. This blog charts the writing of my memoir 'Twinned' - life with and without my disabled sister. It features disability issues, cerebral palsy, traumatic death, bereavement, twinless twins, guest posts, and throws in the occasional 'off topic' post.
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