Twenty years ago – August 1996

The start of a new week and another month. When we were young children, the first of each month was always greeted with cries of ‘White rabbits!’ I have no idea why.

This particular month is going to be a strange one and, at times no doubt, a difficult one for me. Perhaps if I’d not kept a diary, it’d be hard to think back and work out on which days certain things happened – almost impossible with 20 years gone by. But I do remember at the time of Jenny’s death, in October 1996, grabbing the calendar and leafing back through my diary to find the last day I saw Jenny alive – Saturday 31 August 1996. I must have been anxious to retain this fact – as if I was likely to forget it – as I’d pencilled in the diary’s margin: ‘Last time I saw Jenny’.

Apart from it being Jenny’s last summer, thinking back to 1996 and wracking my mind to remember what was in the news – the following three stories come to mind. The Olympics, in Seoul that year, I think; the murder of toddler Jamie Bulger and, the odd case of the man in his early 30s who went back to his old sixth form college mascaraing as a 17-year-old – and all because he wanted a second crack at his ‘A’ levels.

Checking up on these via Google, I get nought out of three for accuracy. My memory’s got terribly skewed. After much searching by, the way, the bogus sixth former was a 32-year-old Brandon Lee from Glasgow, uncovered in 1995. I wonder what he’s doing now.

Strange, since starting writing this post, I’ve deviated horridly from my personal memories of Jenny and August 1996. Maybe that’s because just it’s too painful.

About Ed Green

Writer and editor, Yorkshire bred, now living and working in Central London. This blog charts the writing of my memoir 'Twinned' - life with and without my disabled sister. It features disability issues, cerebral palsy, traumatic death, bereavement, twinless twins, guest posts, and throws in the occasional 'off topic' post.
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