Snake on the train

Dismayed to read in the news this week that Eurostar, as ‘a temporary policy’, has been using one of the two disabled toilets on some of its trains to store passengers’ bicycles. Apparently this was in lieu of adequate designated storage facilities.

The company’s response that there’s enough capacity clearly ignores the experience of disabled passengers, many of whom may be able to negotiate the entire length of a train to get to the toilet, but it wouldn’t be without extreme difficulty.

Fortunately Cycling UK has called the new policy unacceptable.

This is reminiscent of 35 years ago when Jenny used to travel long distance on British Rail. Back then then disabled had to travel in the guard’s van. Jenny always refused and sat with the guard talking to her friends through the door. At least those dark days produced one amusing anecdote – Jenny’s wheelchair retrieved after a journey, and on its seat… a curled up snake!

About Ed Green

Writer and editor, Yorkshire bred, now living and working in Central London. This blog charts the writing of my memoir 'Twinned' - life with and without my disabled sister. It features disability issues, cerebral palsy, traumatic death, bereavement, twinless twins, guest posts, and throws in the occasional 'off topic' post.
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