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The girl in the chair

Single YouTube episode of early ’70s ground-breaking TV Let’s pick up from where we left off in the last blog – the lack of positive role models for disabled kids growing up in the 1970s and my aversion to Colin, … Continue reading

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The not so Secret Garden

Quite frankly Colin needed a damn good slap In early November, I enjoyed writing posts about disability and the First World War – the long shadow it cast into the 1970s during mine and Jenny’s formative years. The positive images … Continue reading

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Don’t play that song again!

Choose that piece of music very carefully For those of you landing on this page expecting to read a post about Nicki French and the UK’s doomed entry for the Y2K Eurovision Song Contest, sorry to disappoint you. Admittedly written … Continue reading

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The scorched watch

A grim addition to an already gruelling day Most of us only rarely ever stumble into someone else’s intensely emotional moments in the course of our working lives. Not so for those in a few notable professions including doctors, fire … Continue reading

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Tribute to a stillborn twin

Guest post In order to widen the range of perspectives demonstrated in this blog, I’m inviting guest contributions from others who’ve had experiences of the issues I write about. For this first guest post, I’m very grateful to Phil for … Continue reading

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Two brothers disabled in the First World War…

and the third who didn’t make it home Over the last couple of weeks I’ve posted about two brothers – Bob and Bert Smith – from the South Wiltshire village of Downton who both served in, and were disabled by … Continue reading

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My grandad, disability and the First World War

‘70 per cent disabled’ aged 24 My grandad, Bert Smith was born in April 1894, so that would make him 121 if he were alive today. Or, more importantly, he was ‘celebrating’ reaching the age of majority – 21 – … Continue reading

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Florida invasion

An old tune crops up in the strangest of places Jetlagged. Back from a few days away in New York, an inspiration for this week’s off topic posting comes from this street scene taken on 6th Avenue on Sunday morning, … Continue reading

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